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Caramels By the Piece

Caramels By the Piece

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This caramel is unlike any you've ever tasted. It is rich, creamy, soft, and velvety, leaving your dental work intact. They are made with heavy cream, corn syrup, butter, sugar, and vanilla.

For something slightly off the beaten path, try this scrumptious sea salt caramel. We dust the top layer of our original caramels with fleur de sel sea salt, creating sweet and savory firework.


Chocolate Sea Salt

What do you get when you add 72% bittersweet chocolate to our sea salt caramel?? A serious mouth party, that’s what. Not to be mistaken for OMG! caramels - these have dark chocolate and sea salt cooked right into the caramel. An OMG! is a vanilla caramel dipped in milk chocolate & topped with sea salt.

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