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Bamboo Oval Vegetable Cleaning Brush

Bamboo Oval Vegetable Cleaning Brush

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This ergonomically shaped design allows you to easily grip the handle and scrub away! This beautiful, sturdy, and handy brush can be used for cleaning and scrubbing hard surfaces. ~~~

What's Included: 1 oval cleaning brush ~~~

Materials: Bamboo & sisal ~~~ Care: Boil bristles in water for 1 minute ~~~

Dimensions: Handle: 3.75” long x 2.5” wide W/ brush: 3.75” wide from handle to end of brush Weight: 2.1oz ~~~

Environmental Impact: Millions of plastic cleaning supplies get thrown away yearly. This leaves behind plastic that takes hundreds if not thousands of years to break down and most of the time, turn into micro plastics. *

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